About Chris Henrikson

Memories fade. But they don’t have to.

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Founded in a the heat of July 2012, One Epic Moment Photography makes professional photography simple, accessible, and fun! With significant support from his amazing fiancĂ©, Chris Henrikson has cultivated a community of people who actively choose to preserve the precious moments of their lives. As a small business, the duo has grown organically to serve people across the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast. Beginning with portraiture, they now offer a broad range of services to ensure you’ll never miss that one epic moment that defines life.


“Life is not about the breaths you take, but the moments that take your breath away.” Our mission is to capture your precious moments, so they may serve as a reminder of where you’ve been, and an inspiration for where you’re going. We want your photos to speak to you, at once simple and complex. These timeless moments that grow with you, revealing more and more of yourself and your story as the years go by. This is your story, and we feel privileged to share it with you.